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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answers to the general questions that arise with our customers regarding general house cleaning and office cleaning services. We will also answer more specific FAQ's that strictly focus on:

  • Business cleaning, office cleaning, and commercial cleaning in Louisville, KY‚Äč
  • House cleaning and residential cleaning services in Louisville, KY

General FAQ's:

  • Is Partners In Grime Bonded and Insured?

Absolutely! We can provide proof of bonding and Insurance at any time upon request. We want you to feel secure knowing that there is no risk to our customers.

  • How does Partners In Grime being Bonded benefit me?

Many people to not really understand how a customer benefits when a company is bonded. There are a lot of shady characters out there who can easily take advantage of a naive homeowner or an office manager that did not do their homework. Bonding companies do not bond shady characters because they would be exposed to possible claims. The premium they charge a business that does not operate with any moral business standards is not worth the risk that is associated with bonding a company that is not trustworthy. The whole idea of bonds is to protect the consumer, which is why Partners In Grime is an easy choice when it comes to trustworthy residential cleaning or office cleaning and commercial cleaning in the Louisville, KY area.

  • How much cleaning experience does Partners In Grime have?

Partners In Grime has been serving the Louisville, KY area with commercial and residential services since 2005. Most all of our workers, including the owners, have past experience of working with other cleaning services. What this has given us is a team with a wide variety of professional opinions, experience, and knowledge of the cleaning service industry in Louisville, KY.

  • How can you assure me of quality service?

We put forth extra effort to make sure you are more than satisfied with our commercial and residential services, our staff, and our professionalism. If you are not satisfied with the fresh and clean look of your home or office we will make it our utmost priority to solve any issues that occur. Your satisfaction is our top priority. You can reach us any time via text, email, or phone if you ever have any issues. We will address any problems that may arise as soon as possible.

  • How is the job priced?

Many cleaning services in Louisville, KY price the job by the hour or price by square footage. Partners In Grime prices by the job as a whole. Not all jobs are the same. Pricing a job by the hour or by square footage is not an accurate way to determine a fair price for the customer. Experience and good old fashion common sense tells us that cleaning a 250 sq ft restroom is completely different than cleaning a 250 sq ft foyer. Likewise, dusting and polishing for an hour is completely different than scrubbing a tile floor for an hour. This is the most logical approach to giving you a fair and accurate quote. Beware of other cleaning services pricing by the hour or by square footage. While time and the size of a home or office building do factor in, it is simply impossible to get an accurate price with just one of these variables.

  • Are there any additional fees?

No Hassle Pricing and no hidden service charges here. The quote you are given is the price you will pay. However, if you wish to change the terms of your service (like switching from a bi-weekly cleaning schedule to weekly, or adding additional services to the agreement) we will gladly adjust your price accordingly.

  • Do I need to provide cleaning products, supplies, or equipment?

Not at all! We provide everything needed for cleaning your home or office. We can also provide specific cleaning products upon request in most cases.

  • Does Partners In Grime offer "Green Cleaning"?

Yes we do. Green cleaning is offered at no additional charge! We feature a wide variety of green cleaning products for house cleaning or office cleaning including:

House Cleaning, maid services, and residential cleaning FAQ's

  • Can I trust Partners In Grime in my home?

Without a doubt. Partners In Grime is a very unique Cleaning Service that can be difficult to find in the Louisville KY area. All of our workers are people we personally know and trust. Our workers are all family and close friends. Therefore, we treat our workers well, they treat us well, and the end result is trustworthy residential cleaning that can't be matched anywhere in the Louisville, KY area.

  • What is needed from me as a customer?

A reliable way into your home...a key, a garage code, or someone to let us in. Also, Cash or check upon service is required. These two things are vital in order for us to provide you with a consistent cleaning schedule.

  • Will my pet be an issue?

Not one bit! However, if you have a pet that is overly aggressive or is a threat to bite someone, it is best that the pet be kept in another room or outside during the cleaning.

Office Cleaning and commercial cleaning FAQ's

  • Do you provide Toiletries?

Hand soap, bathroom tissue, trash bags, etc...any general toiletries that is for office use is not provided by Partners In Grime. However, we do offer these supplies through reimbursement to large office and commercial cleaning jobs for a small additional fee. We provide a list of supplies you have in stock, receipts for proof of purchase and your expense write offs, and even storage of these supplies. All you have to do is pay the monthly reimbursement bill and leave the rest to us. Many customers have found that their supply bill dramatically decreased with this service. This cuts down on the potential of employee overuse of supplies and even theft.

  • At what time of the day do you suggest the cleaning be done?

We are open to cleaning at a wide variety of times, but we do typically provide our janitorial services after business hours. This keeps us out of your way, and most of all, out of your clients way. It is obviously difficult for us to run vacuum while you are on a conference call, and complicates things for both you and our workers. To ensure a quality cleaning with no hassle we suggest that all services be performed after hours.